About us




Baker and owner

It all started 6 years ago on a chilly spring evening in California to start a blog (now in Austin ,Texas)

Originally from India , living in US.Always had a passion for cooking and experminenting from a young age.I belive in scratch meals , seasonal and real ingredients inspires me.

Besides that i really love photographing my food.Along with cooking , photographing, blogging , i also enjoy  gardening.I grow my own herbs , edible flowers , medicinal , tropical plants which i grew up eating (tamarind leaves, curry leaves , moringa).

Growing my own food in back yard has been so valuble and also time consuming and a challenging experience. but it is also incredibly satisfying which excites me every day.

I will be writing down hopefully useful , intresting information  realted gardening as well.

My favorite quote -

" Food Is Essential to Life Therefore Make It Good "  

                                            - S. Truett Cathy